About Us

Who We Are


Since 2009, Turtle Tots Academy has been providing world-class childcare for our students. Our organization’s purpose is to provide a safe, nurturing, academic and learning focused, and fun filled environment for our students, teachers and all employees. We strive to maintain a high reputation for excellence in service, developmental and professional growth, community and family involvement for the communities we serve. We recognize the long-term benefits children exhibits when attending high quality early childhood programs.  We are dedicated to becoming a training ground for young professionals in the field of early childhood education; we promote on-going training and educational opportunities.

The primary curricular goal of our program is to empower children.  We strive to teach self-care skills, social interaction, language, literacy, and learning skills for the development of empathy and understanding.  We believe these are all key parts of a child’s growth toward becoming an autonomous, compassionate, competent, and caring individual.

Our program fosters a great appreciation for ethnic and cultural diversity of its families and community.  Our inclusive curriculum is an integral part of our program.  With increasing diversity in our community and society, each child needs understanding about diversity and skills to handle differences that exits in the world.

Turtle Tots Academy will provide services that strengthens the family by offering reliable services for families working non-traditional shifts; and who work full-time, but desire to continue their education.

Vision Statement

As a leader in early childhood education, it is our vision to provide excellence in service, developmental and professional growth, community and family involvement. Strengthening families through community partnerships and promoting cultural diversity. We strive to support children and their families as they reach their fullest potential in a safe and nurturing environment.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Turtle Tots Academy to provide an enriched, learning environment that promotes developmental growth through experimental play and exploration. We recognize our commitment to professional development and growth, culturally diverse children, and strengthening families.